Information overload? Using data to build identities

July 31, 2015 Rich Huffman


The information used in transactions with customers, consultants, and partners is continuously changing, but your systems may be hindering your ability to manage this change. The problem is not just about managing the technical integration, but the downstream implications of new information as it relates to the business policies that drive the relationships you have with those outside your organization.

Regulatory mandates, changes in access requirements, and general improvements create a constant stream that needs to be evaluated, tested, and implemented. Managing the multitude of need and the underlying changes to identities, has become a significant enterprise risk. Changes in each person’s status can be misinterpreted, or not accounted for at all, causing incorrect decisions to be made at the point of interaction with customers and other outside relationships. Having robust tools and effective business processes to help respond to these change are critical for success.

Best practice recommends the fusion of multiple types of data sets to maximize the likelihood of finding a unique individual and minimize the likelihood that the individual can impersonate an end user inappropriately. Multiple data sets permit the testing of multiple facts about an individual’s life rather than testing the same fact through multiple questions. For example, all elements of an address should be considered to be the same fact because a fraudster can learn all elements of the address by finding a single piece of mail addressed to an individual. In the same way, as additional data becomes available, it should be used to refine an identity or that person’s rights and access.

If you’d like to speak to a specialist about the best ways to incorporate new data into your identity process, please contact us to learn more about identity and security.

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