Unemployment Tax Look Back Review

March 31, 2017 Sam Roberts

Whether you use an unemployment vendor or manage unemployment in-house, now may be a good time to have an independent third party assessment of your unemployment tax accounts to identify potential tax overpayments.

“In America, there are two tax systems; one for the informed and one for the uninformed. Both are legal.” – Judge Learned Hand

As the largest unemployment cost management provider in the U.S., Equifax helps employers recover an estimated $10 million in overpaid employment taxes annually.  It’s our job to keep you informed!

For more information about the types of overpayments that can occur, please check out our recent webcast titled: “Mitigating Overpayment of Employment Taxes.”  You can also reach out to Pete Krieshok at (314) 214-7325 or via e-mail at pete.krieshok@equifax.com to discuss a no obligation review of your unemployment tax accounts.

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