More Employers Finding Lies on Resumes

July 12, 2017 Human Capital Editor

According to HR Dive, a “new survey by HireRight, found that 85% of employers uncovered lies on job applicants’ resumes. More employers are finding lies than they did five years ago, when the rate was 66%, according to HireRight’s 10th annual Employment Screening Benchmark Report.”  Fortune magazine reports that lies could be due to a jump in employee turnover, the rise in the gig economy, and perceived stigma associated with having lost a job due to the recession.  Some applicants assume that an employer won’t check the details of the resume, making them more likely to exaggerate.

Verifying employment in-house is time consuming and inefficient.  Employers verifying work history for a current or former employee may be difficult to get in touch with and may not respond in a timely fashion.   Manually verifying employment history for one open position could easily require multiple verifications for multiple candidates.  This process takes your HR team off of more strategic priorities and the delay in making an offer could mean the loss of qualified candidates who accept another job offer.

Equifax can help through our instant Employment Verifications solution.  Reduce your reliance on candidate provided data, while not slowing the hiring process.

Leverage our unique instant Employment Verifications to:

  • Hire smarter:   optimize resources and minimize risk by verifying employment for those positions that do not go through background screening
  • Hire faster:  reduce time to fill through instant employment verifications with simple, online access to millions of employment records
  • Hire trusted:  leverage reliable, accurate, and trusted data from The Work Number®, the preferred provider of income and employment verification for 82% of the Fortune 500[1]
  • Hire confident:  receive multiple layers of data security and data stewardship policies that are driven by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

[1] Based on Equifax data of contributing employers as of September 2016

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