Internal I-9 audit: How and why to audit yourself before ICE does

March 27, 2018 Brian Elfrink

Internal I-9 Audit Guide

Internal I-9 Audit: Get the guide to help you survive.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is increasing its employer audits. Every company needs a completed Form I-9 for every employee (and certain former employees) ready to provide when ICE comes calling. We get it, there are a lot of things to manage when it comes to I-9 compliance. And even with the best intentions it’s easy for some things to get overlooked.  That’s why an internal I-9 audit is considered a best practice when it comes to managing I-9 compliance.

Did you know that when ICE provides a Notice of Inspection (NOI) you could have as few as three days to respond?  With I-9 compliance penalties at an all-time high your organization could be at significant risk.  And, if you still have paper I-9s on file your risk could be magnified as an estimated 60-80% of paper I-9s have issues.*  It’s better to get your I-9 compliance in order now, so you don’t have to scramble during an I-9 audit from ICE.

Our team specializes in I-9 audit and remediation. After helping with the audit of millions of I-9s, we prepared a guide with a few important points we think are most helpful.  Our eBook covers:

  • Why you should perform an internal I-9 audit
  • What you should include in your internal I-9 audit
  • Who can help you with an internal I-9 audit

Download the free I-9 Audit Survival Guide now. to get your Forms I-9 in order, and keep them that way.

Register for one of our demos to see our I-9 Audit and Remediation solution in action.  Our award-winning technology, named a Top HR Product of 2017 by Human Resource Executive®, helps you take control of the audit process by making it easier to find and correct any I-9 issues and get compliant.

*According to an industry attorney from Jackson Lewis, P.C., an estimated 60-80% of paper I-9s are either missing, incomplete, or have issues.

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