Helping women succeed in data and analytics

March 7, 2018 Insights Editor

One dedicated group within Equifax is making a difference

According to a 2017 Forbes article, women hold just 26 percent of US data jobs.  Fully aware that women are under-represented in this field, a group of female data science professionals at Equifax have taken this to heart and are working to help enable more women to realize their full potential in the world of data and analytics.

When it comes to data and analytics, we could talk all day about the endless possibilities, but we sometimes overlook the dynamic people who work within this field.  At Equifax, this group consists of more than 500 experienced data scientists, statisticians, analysts, modelers and more. This hand-picked team of experts from around the world routinely cranks out game-changing solutions that help to revolutionize how organizations can use data to advance their business.

It’s here, within this world-class team, that you’ll find another standout group: the female data science professionals who manage the Equifax Data and Analytics Women’s Professional Development Program (WDP). The six-month program develops women’s competency to grow and succeed in analytics careers while also achieving a satisfying work-life balance.

The group recently had an opportunity to further its goal by participating in the kick-off of Kennesaw State University Graduate School’s Analytic Speaker Series. Invited by Dr. Jennifer Priestley, associate dean of the graduate school, the women participated in an engaging panel discussion, sharing their experiences as professional women working in the field of Data and Analytics. Likewise, they explained what qualifications and characteristics their group looks for in female analytic professionals, how to exceed in a technical domain and what areas women can focus on to be more connected to the industry. The talk also included information about the design and structure of the Equifax WDP program and how Equifax cultivaties a culture of meritocracy to help enable gender equality.


Members of the Equifax Data and Analytics Women’s Professional Development Program (WDP) at the Analytic Speaker Series hosted by Kennesaw State University Graduate School . Standing from left to right: Jiajing Wang (WDP Program Manager), Michele Wiggins-King (WDP Mentor), Vickey Chang (WDP Program Champion), Dr. Jennifer Priestley, Lefei Liu (WDP Program Director), Stephanie Krutick (Panel Facilitator) and Tara Bryant (Panel Facilitator).

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