Student Outcome Measurement – Finally, a 360-Degree View

May 18, 2018 Stacy Caponetti

Student Outcome Measurement

We’re living in an era of accountability, and higher education institutions know this all too well when it comes to student outcome measurement. It has become increasingly important to use data to help measure the impact a higher education degree and certificate program can have on the career progression of graduates and the economy.

Many institutions have resigned themselves to utilizing traditional methods to collect and report on outcomes – first destination surveys, social media searches, outbound call campaigns, and state-based unemployment insurance (UI) data. Although this data can be informative, there are drawbacks.

By taking a step-back to answer the following three questions, institutions may help bring clarity to the utility of the data used for student outcome measurement and programs effectiveness.

1. Is the data focused on a specific point-in-time?

Although first-destination surveys may provide some value to institutions, the data collected may be only one point in time, hindering the ability to analyze employment trajectories.

2. Is the data accurate?

Many institutions depend on the willingness of graduates to complete surveys and the honesty of students. Undoubtedly, truthfulness varies from person to person. Given the sensitive nature of some of the questions used in surveys, participants may be less likely to be completely honest.

3. What’s missing?

Student outcome data can be susceptible to missing attributes, which may affect outcome measurement and hinder the real insight needed to understand the career and income trajectories of graduates. To better assess program effectiveness and degree value, institutions, students, and policymakers need the ability to see a rich picture of the career pathways of graduates beyond a first destination report.

Equifax uses the largest repository of authentic, longitudinal, up-to-date, employment and income data to help provide institutions with the critical insight they need. Institutions can use this data to help:

  • Measure earnings progression by program, gender, degree, and more;
  • Educate current students on the career trajectory of multiple degree pathways;
  • Improve transparency in the earning profiles and diverse career paths;
  • Understand specific programs’ interaction with varying occupations and industries;
  • More accurately portray the actual effectiveness of programs; and
  • Gain insight into where your students are working (geography).

See how Graduate Outcome Metrics™ from Equifax is the next big thing for higher education institutions. Watch our new video to learn more.

To speak with an Equifax Graduate Outcome Metrics team member, complete our form today.  You may also learn more about Graduate Outcome Metrics in this overview sheet.

Coming up soon!

We are excited to be participating in the AIR Annual Conference in Orlando! In addition to exhibiting at this year’s event, Equifax is presenting a session that focuses on offering stakeholders graduate data that’s current, longitudinal, and free from self-reporting falsehoods. IR professionals have “new school” options available to more effectively gain insight on graduate outcomes and better support on-campus demands for data. Attendees will learn how to revolutionize their data collection processes used for key research areas.

We invite you to join us for:

The “New School” Method for Unlocking Graduate Outcomes Insights
Wednesday, May 30th at 11:15 AM.
Location: Wekiwa 7

We’d love to catch up with your during the conference! Stop by booth #214 to learn how Equifax offers a better way to help solve the higher education data dilemma. You’ll also walk away with some great swag!

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