Maximize Hiring Tax Credits with Mobile WOTC Screening

May 23, 2017 Michael Montgomery

A mobile-optimized WOTC screening solution can help maximize tax credits.  Americans are relying more and more on mobile devices.  In fact, Pew Reseach Center reported in January 2017 that 77% of US adults own a smartphone.  Use of mobile phones in talent acquisition is also on the rise.  This includes job searches and applications. iCims has complied some interesting statistics about mobile job searches:

  • 9 in 10 job seekers say they will use their mobile device during the job search in the next 12 months
  • 51% of survey respondents say they are already applying for jobs through a mobile device

The overwhelming shift in the way today’s workforce expects to apply for jobs means that employers should provide WOTC screening options that are consistent with those expectations.  SHRM reports that it’s important for employers to focus on improving the candidate experience and to shift to mobile job search functionality.  Lars Schmidt, the founder of Amplify Talent, states that, “without an embedded commitment to mobile, candidate experience and branding, your recruiting team is likely losing candidates you don’t even know about.”  And without a mobile-optimized WOTC screening solution your organization is likely not capturing all potential hiring tax credits either.

Equifax Workforce Solutions can help employers meet the needs of today’s workforce with a mobile-optimized WOTC screening solution that helps to maximize tax credits and improve the bottom line. The Equifax solution allows employers to increase screening compliance while users enjoy a better, more convenient experience regardless of what type of mobile device they are using.

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Equifax Workforce Solutions offers a comprehensive service that helps employers reduce federal income tax liability through the WOTC program. The mobile-optimized solution helps employers better meet the demands of today’s on-the-go workforce to improve user experience, while improving WOTC screening compliance.

Contact us to learn more about how our mobile-optimized, customized, and innovative screening processes help employers to improve identification of WOTC eligible employees while our effortless documentation fulfillment provides all needed certification documentation in nearly 97% of cases, without further burdening your managers and employees.*

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* From full year 2015 Equifax certification data

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