ETS Tax Intelligence: Achieving a Successful M&A Transaction

May 30, 2017 Sam Roberts


When contemplating a merger, acquisition, reorganization, or divestiture (“M&A”) transaction, a structured, cohesive plan can assist employers in achieving desired outcomes.  Continuing from last month’s ETS Tax Intelligence, which focused on implementing a successful M&A transaction, the fourth and final phase focuses on the Post-Implementation requirements of the strategic plan (a/k/a the follow-up phase).


The Post-Implementation phase is integral to the successful management of employment tax costs.  Up to this point in the M&A strategic plan, a lot of resources have been dedicated to achieving future savings or reductions in costs.  Once compliance filings have been sent off to the taxing jurisdictions it is not the time to let your guard down and assume you are finished.

The importance of Post-Implementation cannot be overstated.  Achieving a successful M&A transaction is no accident and requires diligent follow-up.


Each phase of a strategic M&A plan is key to assuring successful outcomes.  There is a lot to consider within a short amount of time, as M&A transactions tend to move quickly, especially if the payroll and human resource departments are the last to be notified.  M&A transaction teams are typically made up of legal, tax, operational, organizational, and human resource experts.  Included in this team should be a representative that understands how structural changes and elections can impact employment tax costs, not just in the near-term, but long-term as well.  Understanding the opportunities and risks within each taxing jurisdiction can prevent unintended consequences and produce significant cost-savings.  Equifax assists employers in achieving successful M&A transactions by partnering throughout all four phases of the M&A planning process – from Due Diligence, to Planning & Design, to Implementation, to Post-Implementation.  For more information, please contact Pete Krieshok at (314) 214-7325 or via e-mail at  You can also visit our corporate blog for information on other employment tax matters that might impact your organization.

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