Enabling Strong Customer Engagement: A Critical Goal for Communications and Utilities Marketers

May 22, 2017 Yolanda Thomas

As the markets for communications and deregulated utilities get ever more competitive, marketers know that finding and hanging on to customers is getting tougher by the minute.  With the abundance of options and service plans on the market, as well as the myriad of promotions available to consumers, marketers need to focus on marketing to optimal consumers and deepening relationships to drive higher returns.

Enhancing customer engagement is a steep challenge.  It is not just about analyzing data and testing promotions; it is about creating meaningful interactions across the customer lifecycle.  The following are some steps that marketers can follow to achieve stronger customer engagement.

Given the frequent proliferation of data in company databases, marketers can start by aggregating and linking all of their various data to create a unified view of prospects and customers.  This includes integrating both internal and third-party data.  Plus, marketers often need to transform their offline customer data to enable online marketing.  This onboarding of customer data is a key component for comprehensive omni-channel marketing campaigns.

Marketers often get stuck in the next phase – “analysis paralysis”.  To avoid (or at least minimize) the paralysis, marketers can incorporate third-party consumer economic and credit insights in order to help reveal the best audiences and their behaviors to address various goals.  These goals can be as diverse as marketers’ campaigns:

  • Understanding the  best offer and message to deliver to existing customers to promote new products and services – from new phones to energy audits
  • Better identifying high-potential clusters for pre-screen and invitation-to-apply prospecting
  • Enhancing account reviews to help reduce write-offs and improve collections

Next up is connecting with your best audiences.  Marketers want to engage prospects and customers with the most appropriate offer and via their preferred channel,  but they do not need to limit campaigns to just one method of communication.  Now that you have linked and onboarded your consumer data, your campaign can easily blossom to include email, online and mobile targeting, addressable TV and radio, and other digital channels.  Improve your brand awareness and campaign outcomes with the ability to reinforce your message across multiple channels.

Finally, measuring results and planning for the future – both of which can benefit from extensive analytical expertise and a network of digital partners.  By accurately measuring performance, marketers can better understand the impact of their online campaigns on offline results, compare segments, analyze web visitors, evaluate conversions by channel, and scrutinize advertising budgets.  All with the goal of optimizing marketing spend.

Enabling stronger customer engagement requires a deep understanding of consumers, plus the ability to connect with them using the most appropriate messages through their preferred channels. Let’s get started!


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