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August 18, 2017 Insights Editor

Equifax Recognized as a Leader in the Technology Space

For the third year running, Equifax has been named one of The World’s Most Innovative Companies by Forbes magazine.

At Equifax, innovation doesn’t happen by chance — it happens through intentional design. It is the result of persistent focus, unique strategies, clearly-defined processes, and a first-class brain trust working hard and delivering on promises — every time.

We are deliberate about growing a culture of innovation both inside the company and directly with our customers. We not only strive to drive Equifax growth, but also aim to consistently deliver value to our customers and the market. The continuous recognition by Forbes for Equifax innovation shows that our efforts are resonating.

A Shift in Focus
Over the past 11 years, we have transformed a 118-year-old company from a credit bureau into a strong, trusted and global data, analytics and technology provider.

Core to this transformation is our focus on revolutionary products and solutions that uniquely benefit our customers and their consumers. Equifax does the groundwork so our customers can more quickly and simply benefit from what we’ve already researched, built, tested, and proven.

The Equifax Approach to Innovation
Our approach to innovation includes constantly researching, evaluating and validating emerging technologies for us to integrate, use and develop. This keeps Equifax on both the cutting edge and in market, allowing us to empower technology advancements — for both ourselves and our customers.

Since 2012, we have increased our patent filings by 100%. In 2016, we introduced 53 new products, increased revenue by 30%, and returned $158 million in dividends to shareholders.

Additionally, this year, we’ve unveiled several exciting offerings, including InstaTouch® ID, a consumer identity and authentication solution, and Equifax Ignite™, a portfolio of advanced data and analytics solutions.

Talent and Culture Are at the Heart of Our Success
We attribute much of our innovation success to our great talent. Our employees enable our ability to help our customers make smarter decisions and enrich performance. And the passion and enthusiasm Equifax has for helping others has allowed us to drive change and make a difference.

Equifax also promotes a culture of innovation from within. We reward results, support growth and development, and encourage an engaged workplace that embraces teamwork, integrity and change.

Putting this into action are our annual Hackovation eventsEach year more than 100 teams are formed, across the globe, to combine creativity, prototype new ideas and solve challenges, ultimately helping to drive new solutions and efficiencies within the organization and for our customers.

Solving Evolving Business Challenges
Equifax is committed to the intentional advancement of technology that solves constantly-evolving business needs and challenges in broad markets across the globe.

To us, true innovation comes from understanding and addressing our clients’ most critical needs, including pivoting with rapidly changing digital channels, reducing digital friction for their consumers and providing deeper and faster analytical insights.

Equifax continues to be responsible, resourceful and driving the trends so our customers are ready for what’s next.

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