Auto by Auto Experts: John Giamalvo

June 16, 2017 Rebecca Kritzman

Auto lenders and dealers want more knowledge and faster information about their markets and customers—on and off the lot so they can quickly close deals and grow their businesses. The Automotive Solutions team at Equifax is uniquely qualified to help with this and provide insights that drive—based on their 360 degree automotive expertise and tenure in the industry.

Our team has ~500 years of combined experience with lenders and dealers … either having lenders and dealers as their customers or in various strategic leadership roles. This means we have been in your shoes, and know what you need – and you don’t – to help accelerate growth. This also means we care deeply about the industry that we’ve dedicated our working careers.

This Q&A blog series will highlight our experts and give you a glimpse into their background, accomplishments, view on the industry and even a peek into their “softer” side.


Q: What’s your background and how does it benefit dealers?

A: I have more than 20 years’ experience in the Automotive industry beginning as an internet manager in a single point dealership, then worked in a regional dealer group in the Northeast. Next I went to AutoNation where I worked in virtually every aspect of a dealership. After AutoNation, I headed over to Edmunds where I spent time developing solutions that enabled dealers to reach more consumers, more efficiently via lead gen and third party advertisers. My expertise on the dealer side of the business provides Equifax with key perspectives regarding pain points that dealers of all sizes face daily. This experience helps our team develop insights and provide data to improve dealers’ performance.

Q: What value does Equifax provide for dealers?

A: As I talk to dealers all over the country, I am still surprised that so many still consider Equifax as just a credit bureau. Sure, the breadth, depth and freshness of our credit file makes it a powerful tool, but the data behind the file and superior technology we have allows us to provide insights that drive dealer’s businesses forward and create best-in-class tools that convert shoppers to qualified leads and get the right shopper in the right cars at the right price. Being on the Auto Team at Equifax is a little like being at a start-up but with the benefits of having a 118 year old global powerhouse brand behind it. Equifax should be top of mind for dealers for our credit file but also for our new and innovative solutions.

Q: Where do you see the auto industry for dealers in five years and why?

A: In five years, I see the automotive marketplace differing in a number of areas, some predictive and some not. Clearly the trend of consumer shopping will continue to gravitate online with more elements pushing further and further upstream. Newer dynamics of ride sharing, autonomous driving vehicles and multiple propulsion system choices will certainly gain ground as well.

In a market that is getting more targeted and trending toward mobile engagement, I am particularly excited about some of the solutions Equifax provides in the automotive space. Fraud solutions like InstaTouch will become even more important. InstaTouch provides quick identification, identity protection and fraud protection, to create safe mobile environment for any automotive solution. Also, the “Big Data” attributes will help dealers and OEMs target the right consumers in the right place at the right time to use their marketing dollars more efficiently.

Q: What are some of your major accomplishments that helped accelerate the auto industry?

A: I like to think that my stewardship of the Equifax automotive “soft-pull” credit solutions, such as our PowerLead Suite of products, have helped bridge the gap for the dealer to understand what the consumer can afford. Therefore, helping dealers put consumers in the right car at an affordable price to win more deals.

Q: What do you enjoy when you are not focused on auto and data insights?

A: When I am not travelling and speaking with dealers about Equifax solutions and best practices, I live in Long Island, NY with my wife and two kids. I enjoy spending time traveling with my family, listening to music and coaching/watching my kids play basketball and baseball.

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