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50 % LIFT In the last four years, 29% of small businesses had their lines of credit reduced, and nearly 10% were required to pay off the credit before the end of the loan term. 1 These powerful stats suggests that when using industry-standard business credit data alone, commercial lenders have less visibility into small business credit risk. For smarter decisioning, you still need small business credit data, but you also need actionable insights and increased congurability that improve predictiveness of risk. Insights that Drive Greater Prediction of Risk The Commercial Financial Network 1 TRENDED DATA AND ATTRIBUTES The Business Impact of Less Visibility So, what if you could have it all? that collectively lead to more groundbreaking risk predictiveness. You can with the Commercial Financial Network (CFN) from Equifax. Configurability: A Better Model for Predictive Risk Success Powered by Equifax Ignite TM , the CFN gives lenders deeper insights, driven by a congurable approach, to help you know more about small business applicants, make more educated decisions and increase predictiveness. The CFN provides greater congurability through: The Benefits of Configurability When using congured models versus traditional models, customers have seen a 50% lift in predictiveness of risk. Increase congurability and make smarter lending decisions with Equifax. The Result And data source congurability is only the beginning. Equifax can also congure on: 866-519-4800 | CONTACT US TODAY Copyright © 2018, Equifax Inc., Atlanta, Georgia. All rights reserved. Equifax is a registered trademark of Equifax Inc. 17-7621 that extend beyond traditional nancial information CONFIGURABLE DATA SOURCES that allow lenders to integrate their own data with unmatched modeling and analytical capabilities NEURODECISION TM TECHNOLOGY business records ACCESS TO 28+ MILLION in small business credit obligations INSIGHT INTO $456 BILLION trended commercial attributes USE OF 500+ of small businesses had their lines of credit reduced. 1 29% TARGET Adjust models to t around how you dene "bad accounts." SEGMENTATION Segment your models on various factors, like business size. POPULATION Congure scores and models around specic industries and geographies. TECHNIQUE Use neural networks, regression techniques, fusion models and more for predictive decisioning. $ More Configurability More Insights More Data + +

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